Two months, and very little, after completing his first year of walking, Ebike Merindades, takes stock of the positive reception  that countrymen from the region and people from all over the world, has given the service of renting their ebikes.

Back in January 2018, the first electric bicycle rental company in Las Merindades (north of Burgos), was born with the vocation to show the beauty of the most hidden and unknown corners of the region with the last trend in sustainable mobility, electric bicycles or “ebikes «. The tenacity of a team of people convinced to be offering a novel, comfortable and fun way to enjoy nature, sport and the rich culture that characterizes the area, in a different way.

Today there are hundreds of people who have approached the region to enjoy the proposals of eBike Merindades. And not only from the different provinces nationwide, but visitors from Holland, Belgium, Germany and even Costa Rica. From America, Europe and the rest of Spain to the nerve center of Merindades eBike activity: Villarcayo Merindad de Castilla la Vieja. From here, Victor Grijalba and his team, design their own btt routes and road routes with very little traffic in Las Merindades.

The goal is to convey the feeling of freedom that is breathed in its villages, mountains, valleys, waterfalls, canyons, and discover a region still full of secrets. 

And it is the electric motor and the battery that have the ebikes installed, that make it possible practically to anyone. They are not motorcycles or have an accelerator, if you do not give pedals, the bikes do not ride, but their simple operation from a control panel on the handlebars, make them suitable for all audiences. In addition, all its routes -with or without a certified MTB guide-, are cataloged to be done by ebike and by difficulty, which allows more distance, more unevenness and overcome more technical difficulties for cyclists or users of all levels. They have services such as the “Taxi Bike”, a vehicle and a car prepared to transport up to seven bicycles, people and luggage, wherever necessary; a hotel, rural accommodation, or at the beginning and end of the route.

The rental of ebikes is presented as a new proposal for the tourist revitalization of Las Merindades. «An opportunity to boost the sustainable development of the region, guaranteeing the balance between the economic growth of its towns, restaurants, lodgings, shops, with the care of the environment and social well-being,» says Grijalba.

Thus, from this website and as basic principles, they appeal to the care of the environment, safety and respect for other users and animals that travel along the routes, and promote accommodation and restaurants with those who collaborate in Las Merindades.

The ancient yews, the hypnotizing flow of the Ebro, the Nela, the Trueba rivers, the forests, the native fauna, are actives that invite families, friends, couples, cycling experts or why not, companies to enjoy Las Merindades in its purest form . With his war cry “Pedal Merindades”, eBike Merindades invites us to discover the region and play sports from another point of view.

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